Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tell us something good: my neighbor rescued 2 kittens

The Life of Rylie...and Bryce too!
Sorry I should have taken pictures but anyway my neighbor called this morning saying she found 2 kittens in a bush and she couldnt keep them but didnt want anything bad to happen to them. We called all the locla rescues and tehy were all filled with kittens soem had 50 and 100 kittens talk about a lot of kittens so she has to go to work tomorrow so she wouldnt be able to take care of them so we went to the animal shelter and luckily tehy didnt have many cats and kittens and said taht since they should still be with their mom tehy will get them into a rescue so tehy will get homes. They were so cute a little white one and a little tiger stripe that reminds me of what my spunky must have looked like as a kitten. Who knows how they got into the bush but at least they are safe now! Do you have a kitten? Are you hoing to adopt a cat ort kitten soon? It is officially kitten season. I remember when my sister and I were looking for kittens in march and finally we found soem but if you want a kitten now is teh time to find teh purrfect 1 for you and save a life !


Anonymous said...

There are so many kittens right now the local shelters are waiving the fees if you adopt 2 or more adult cats.

LeeAnn said...

That was so nice of you both to help those little kittens! That is definitely something good!