Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spunky the stray cat who stole my heart

My cat Spunky stopping to smell the flowers

Spunky was a stray in my neighborhood who jumped in my van while doing a paper route when I was in the sixth grade. I fed and watered him outside I already had 3 cats and you are only supposed to have 3 pets, so 
we tried to keep him on our porch as an outside cat, but when my cat honey came in contact with him we took him to the vet to make sure he didn't have feline leukemia and found out that if he didn't get neutered he would get cancer because 1 of his testicles were inside his belly. So we got him fixed and he became a part of our family, He was always so well behaved, and was getting more lovable all the time. He had trust issues when he first came because the kids in the neighborhood used to throw rocks and sticks at him(at least that's what we have been told)The vet said he was between 3 and 4 when we got him so we figured 3 1/2 April 2nd would have been his birthday and he would have been 11 years old going by the vets estimate but he died in my arms yesterday. The vet said he must have had congestive heart failure. 

Mama loves you Spunky and Misses you very much. So do all your brothers and sisters,  the originals we had when you came to us  Sunshine, Snuggles and Honey, your older sister we rescued after you, Happy and your 2 dogs Roxy and Molly. RIP sweet Spunky boy and have fun in kitty heaven. You were one of the best cats in the world and I will always miss.
You were my Dr. Meow

    You always had the most beautiful green eyes Spunky!