Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blog Bash Spotlight Play N Squeak Cat Toys Review!

Do your cats like to play with toys? hat kind of toys does your cats like? I hae 5 and they all have different playing styles but once in a while their will be a toy all my cats love. Honey(the striped kitty below) has always loved toy mice, and sunshine (the orange and white cat) has always loved feathrs but enjoys playing with a wide assortment of toys, Snuggles (gray and white) using to loveplaying with balls with bells in them and is like his brother and likes a lot of toys (his favorite color is blue though) Happy and Spunky wouldn't stay still for a picture, Happy was bouncing allover with these toys(even though sh is the oldest she plays alot, she loves all catnip toys) Play and Squeak cat toys are by the Our Pets Company. Play N Squeak toys are the only cat toys with the RealMouse™ sound.  Each toy has a patented electronic sound module that squeaks at the tone and level of a real mouse and all my cats love them as you can see below my cat honey wanted to play with them before I even took them off the cardboard they came on. Our Pets Company has a large assortment of cat and dog toys and other pet supplies. I actually remember getting a play n squeak cat toy that could be hanged on he door in the past and they especially loved that because some of them like the extra interaction and movement. The blue mouse( twinkle mouse) as you can see in the picture of Snuggles playing with it, eyes light up blue. The MouseHunter™ looks real and that was the one my cat spunky liked best out of the two because he used to be a stray and that he probably had to hunt to survive.

Ooh your eyes light up!

Mice you are all mine!

wow your eyes light up and you have feather!

This blue toy is cool, what? its for the cats really? Okay Sunshine can play with them now!

Ok sunshine you can have 1

Time to trade Honey

I love the feathers on this one

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Disclaimer: Our Pets provided these 2 cat toys for me to review all opinions are strictly mine and my cats and they are also giving over $50 worth of play n squeak night toys.

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