Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blog Bash Spotlight Neater Feeder Review!

Does your pet make a mess allover your kitchen? Spilled water and food scattered allover by were you feed your pets? If so you need a Neater Feeder! It;s unique design allows spilled water to go in a reservoir and spilled food stay on top. It is also tip proof. It is comfortable for your pets because it is at the right height for your pet. It is also very easy to clean. Roxy received a medium Cranberry Neater Feeder to try out and not only did she love it her cat loved to drink out of it too, even though they had to put their  paws were the water drained down. Hers got cat hair allover it and it was still very easy to clean up. Roxy isn't always messy but I have spilled water all the time just setting it down and a pet bumping my hand, with the Neater Feeder I don't create myself a mess. It just goes down in the reservoir. Below you can see the pictures I tok of Roxy eating and drinking out of the Neater Feeder.

The Only Mess Proof Pet Feeder

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Discalaimer:  Neater Feeder sent Roxy a medium Cranberry Neater Feeder so I could do this review, all opinions are my own. Neater feeder is supporting the giveaway togiveaway a neater feeder.


turq said...

I did all the above, liked friended follow and subscribed to utube
You are now subscribed to TowerStarPets
Great Giveaway!

Michele said...

Looks like a great no mess feeder. Thanks for sharing your opinions. My Grandma loves these feeders for her dogs.


Keenly Kristin said...

Genius!! You should see the mess my cat makes in my kitchen. Good gravy! Finally, someone figured this out...and solved it!

Kristin :)

Nikki M. said...

Wow, my dog really needs one of those, I'm gonna check this out!! He is recently blind and makes such a mess with his food now :( This would be perfect!

Beth Larrabee said...

I wish I had this when I had pets!

Wendy said...

My dogs NEED this! And my cats too...off to see if they make a tiny cat version.

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