Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blog Bash Spotlight Freezy Pups Review!

The kit includes all 4 treat packets that make 14 cute bone shape treats with the bone shaped ice cube tray!

You can also get refills once you let your dog try them all out and you find out which flavors are your dogs favorites!

It is officially summer and I am sure you would love to give your dog a healthy treat that can cool them off. We humans have Popsicles and ice cream to cool off in the summer but what do our dogs have to cool off? FREEZY PUPS! Freezy Pups are treats that you can make yourself. You just mix the treat mix with water like you would if you were making jell-o and you pour it in the super cute bone shaped ice cube tray. They are really easy to make and is a healthy way to cool your dog off. Roxy as you probably know loves ice cream so I didn't know how much she would like these compared to ice cream, but she loves Freezy Pups and I love that they are healthy for her. Freezy Pups come in 4 different tasty and  organic flavors for your dogs, Sweet Potato 'n Maple, (the flavor Roxy wanted to try first),white cheddar cheese, (Roxy's 2nd choice,) Chicken Soup, her 3rd choice,  Juicy Apple, (which I can't wait to let Roxy try because what dog doesn't like apples?) These treats are some of the healthiest treats Roxy has tried and she gave them 4 Paws up!

Roxy enjoying the Sweet Potato 'n Maple Freezy Pups

Chicken soup  Freezy Pups mm  mm good!

A cool way to cool off!

More please mom! What do you mean I ate all the sweet potato 'n maple freezy pups already? Give me a white Cheddar 1 then!
 Would your dog like to try Freezy Pups? Tomorrow as party of the Blog Bash their will be a FreezyPups kit same as Roxy got to try.
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Disclaimer: I received a Frezy Pups kit to be able to let Roy try these treats and o this review. All opinion's are my own and Roxy as you can see really did love these treats. Freezy Pups is giving a freezy Pups kit to the winner of the giveaway.


John said...

Looks like Roxy loves Freezy Pups. I'll have to get some for my pup, Hank.
Thanks for posting.

Patricia said...

These are really cute!

LMC502 said...

These are cute! We don't have a dog at the moment (once the baby gets a little older we will) but this would be the perfect gift for the couple whose dogs I used to house-sit when I was in college.