Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I miss you happy

Today would have been happy's birthday,
Happy was my beautiful dilute tortie with the softest fur and pretty green eyes, She had the most beautiful purr. I rescued her from a bad situation when I was in the eighth grade. She was 7 when I adopted her. June 27th 2014 she passed away, only a month after she turned 14. If she was still here with me she would be enjoying some chicken breast( her very favorite food) Happy started having trouble walking and had trouble eating(she always preferred canned food because she never had good teeth), then she starting not being able to make it to the litter box and had to have a bath everyday, I hand fed  her  mainly chicken as she wasn't eating on her own very good, she also loved pizza cheese, ham and cinnamon graham crackers. We had to put her in a cage at night when we weren't home to keep her safe from our other pets and on   she was gone when I took her out of her cage  to cuddle and feed her. She was a very sweet kitty and was very playful until she lost the use of her back legs. I love you sweet kitty, have fun with your brother spunky and know that I will always love you, until we meet again sweetie run free

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