Thursday, September 25, 2014

Merrick Grain Free Holiday canned dog food review

My 3 dogs love all Merrick canned dog foods, but they especially always love the seasonals. Merrick creates 4 new flavors for each season. This fall/winter Merrick brought back 2 favorites(Game Day Tailgate and Home coming Holiday) and 2 new formulas, which are Forever Home and Festive Holiday Stew. was kind enough to send each of my beagle girls their own can of Festive Holiday Stew which has turkey, sweet potatoes, pears, and herbs in gravy.It was no surprise that this was a big hit with all 3 of them.They shared a can(I always mix 1/3 can of wet food with their kibble as Molly will not eat dry kibble), as you will be able to see in the pictures Merrick was very generous with the turkey and gravy and you can see the pieces of sweet potato too. Roxy, Molly, and Daisy all loved it and I will be stocking up on it before its gone(last year Merrick had Mama Merrick Meatballs and unfortunately they didn't bring back that flavor this year so Molly was dissapointed about that but happy to find a new favorite)
Daisy LOVES Merrick Festive Holiday Stew(mixed with her Merrick duck and sweet potato kibble)

1 can feeds 3 beagles if mixed with kibble

Merrick Festive Holiday Stew

Roxy and Molly approve of Merrick seasonals

Daisy savoring the yummy gravy

Molly licking her bowl clean

Molly says"save me some more Roxy"

Refills please

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