Thursday, July 5, 2012

#BarktoSchool Twitter Party

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I am participating in an opportunity to receive a spot as a free sponsor in the #BarktoSchool Twitter Party, to be hosted by Event Barkers on August 12. Event Barkers is a social media promotions group run by and and their team. In exchange for blogging about their party, posting to my Facebook page about the event, and Tweeting about the theme, I will be entered in a drawing to win a free sponsorship. As a sponsor, I will receive 3 weeks of pre-party promotion at several top blogs such as,,,, and, and In addition, I will be mentioned in promotional Tweets by these sites' handles along with @EventBarkers, receive Facebook postings by their sites, and the Twitter Party will encourage guests to visit my site. Event Barkers will even encourage their readers to sign up for my newsletter. I hope you will join the fun by following the hashtag #BarktoSchool. Wish me luck!

I use positive reinforcement with treats, toys and praise. Roxy knows many commands and tricks and very well behaved. Molly doesn't know as much as Roxy yet but she is very well behaved. Beethoven needs to work on all kinds of things as he is still a puppy and hasn't been with me long. He does know how to sit and lay down on command now.  I am still working on many things with him but I know eventually he will be just as well behaved as the girls. (At least I hope so)


cstironkat said...

I'm working on training our newly adopted rescue dog who came to us only knowing his name. Artie is doing very well.
Good luck in the drawing, I will be at the party.

Misty said...

Good Luck!

Rachel said...

I wish you the best with this :) Sometimes I'm glad I'm a cat person lol :)

barkergirl33 said...

Good luck and you can count me in on Twitter!

Jerri Rivers said...

Sounds great! Good luck!