Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to calm your pets (free sample)

As you all know I have 5 cats and 2 dogs.Happy and Sunshine sometimes fight. Honey hides sometimes. Since trying PetNaturals of Vermount calming cat treats all of my cats seem more comfortable and happier. They arent meowig and yowling, or growling at each other anymore. (yes Happy has growled in the past)
Pet Naturals is giving out a sample for the first 500 people who order a sample. You can choose either dog or cat. Go to to secure your sample.If you are not 1 of the first 500 you will recieve a coupon.

Disclosure: I did recieve a free sample of cat treats to see how they worked for my cats, I was not compensated to write this review but I di think many of my readers would like a chance to try a sample of treats for their pets to try as they work with my 5 cats and I will let you know how the dog ones work as soon I get my sample for Roxy.

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Phoenix said...

Thanks for the review. Some of my cats are high-strung, so I'll definitely check these out.