Friday, March 25, 2011

Planet Friendly Cat litter Review

My 5 cats tried out a bag of Planet Friendly Cat Litter this past week. It is an all natural litter made out of corn. It is better for the environment and your cat then the regular clay litter. An 8lb bag equals the same as a 25lb bag of clay litter. It is the same price as as clay litter or cheaper. It is also clumping. Most cats liek the texture of Planet Friendly cat litter. My cat snuggles actually chose Planet Friendly cat litter over the regular clay litter they usually use. What my cats and I really liek about the planet friendly cat litter is that it was not dusty. I also liked that it was light weight unlike the heavy 25lb+ bags of clay litter. My cats seemed to like the change in litter. It controlled odors pretty good. It didn't seem to track much either like the clay litter.It is also good for our environment because it is biogradable and use renewable resources.  If you would like more information about Planet Friendly cat litter or if you would like to order a bag to let your cats try it you may visit:

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